Product description

It is required that the particle size of nylon powder is very small and the shape of nylon powder is spherical. The powder produced by conventional cryogenic grinding process can not meet this requirement;

Cosmid ® coating ink is made of nylon powder by special process. The powder is small in size and regular in shape. It can be well applied in the field of coating ink.


Product characteristics

Cosmid ® coating ink adding nylon powder to the coating ink can improve the scratch resistance of the coating surface and increase the surface hardness;

The nylon powder for cosmid ® coating ink addition meets the domestic and European and American environmental protection standards. The SGS test items "cadmium (CD), lead (PB), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (CR VI), polybrominated biphenyl and polybrominated biphenyl ether" are not included.


Application area

Coating ink added modification.

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