Product description

Metmid ® nylon powder for water industry coating is made of high-performance nylon by special physical process. The powder is regular ball type;

Metamid ® nylon powder for water industry coating has excellent physical and chemical properties, wear resistance, low temperature performance and flexibility, and excellent adhesion with metal;

Metamid ® nylon powder for water industry coating is an environmental friendly, non-toxic and harmless thermoplastic powder coating, which can well meet the application requirements of "valve, flange and pipeline coating" in the water industry.


Product characteristics

Metamid ® nylon powder for water industry coating meets the environmental protection requirements of water industry, and "cadmium (CD), lead (PB), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (CR VI), polybrominated biphenyl and polybrominated biphenyl ether" are not included in SGS test project;

Metamid ® water industry coating special nylon powder is applied on the surface of pipeline valves to form a very smooth and solid surface coating, which is not easy to breed microbial bacteria on the surface, thus protecting the safety and health of drinking water;

The nylon powder specially used for metalmid ® water industry coating has good chemical resistance and will not fall off during use, resulting in rust on the workpiece.


Aplication area

Surface coating of water industry valve body;

Inner and outer wall coating of water industry pipeline;

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