Product description

Metamid ® special nylon powder for underwear fastener is made of high-performance nylon by special physical process, and the powder is regular ball type;

Metamid ® nylon powder for underwear fastener is a very excellent environment-friendly, non-toxic and harmless powder coating, which is suitable for the surface coating of small workpieces; metamid ™ nylon powder for underwear fastener has excellent physical and chemical properties, abrasion resistance, flexibility and low-temperature impact resistance, which can meet the high-end application requirements in the field of underwear accessories.


Product characteristics

Metamid ® special nylon powder for underwear fastener is used for underwear fastener and underwear steel ring coating, with high gloss and good leveling;

Metamid ® special nylon powder for underwear fastener is easy to dye, bright and flawless, with high color fastness;

Metamid ® underwear fastener special nylon powder environmental protection, SGS test project "cadmium (CD), lead (PB), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (CR VI), polybrominated benzene, polybrominated diphenyl ether" are not included, in line with the high-end field of underwear accessories requirements of environmental standards.


Application area

Surface coating of underwear steel ring and back buckle;

Surface coating of magnetic core and magnetic ring;

Surface coating of micro workpiece.

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